8 long minutes

8 long minutes

So I would usually jog in place in my room in the mornings. 400 steps in place, lift a 6kg dumbbell, 40times per arm. Sometimes 60. Then 40 to 50 press-ups. Another 400 steps in place. The issue is I got tired of having to count to 800. I decided I would switch to using a stopwatch instead. That way I can use my head and concentration for something else while jogging. I was taken aback when I found out that all my jogging in place for 800 steps didn’t take up to 8 minutes!

So now I have switched to using the stopwatch function on my Android phone to jog for 8 minutes (that should give me about a thousand steps). The problem is that even though I am no longer counting, I find I have replaced that with looking at the stopwatch and hoping the darn thing will count to 8 minutes ASAP. The 8 minutes feels like forever! And I can’t really focus on anything else contrary to my initial thoughts on the matter.

I think I read of some research recently that aerobic exercises of about 22 minutes per day should add 3 to 4 years to ones lifespan. I am not particular about the extra years, but more concerned about the quality i.e., ensuring they are spent in good health.

So I find that if I stick to the jogging alone, I am short of about 14 minutes! The other stuff I am doing above should add some more minutes but still quite short of 22. So what else am I gonna add? Hmmn. Which reminds me of the planking exercise which is supposed to “strengthen your core.” I think I can manage a minute if it’s the last thing I do or 2 minutes if I do it first before the other exercises 🙂

Also I am looking for an “accountability partner” or whatever term a “buddy” setup goes by. Someone to encourage you (and vice versa) to stick to the programme and keep off the chocolates 🙂

So why am I still over 81KG when my BMI is around 75KG ? 🙁