It was hot
It was dry
It was so humid
I could cry

It was Lagos
It was night
It was Jos
It was bright

He was sweating on the bed
She had rashes on her neck
He scratched till it bled
She opted for a trek

It was hot
It was dry
It was so humid
I could cry

It was you
Like Sunshine
It is me
Seeking solace in moonshine

It was thundering
I hoped it would rain
My mind is wandering
No reprieve from the pain

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One Response to Reprieve

  1. Idileke says:

    Enjoy the weather while it last, because cold weather is approaching when hot water will be our best friend and cost of beverages increase in the market and when clothes are outside for days
    before they are dry.
    Time is everything.
    Time to cry
    Time to smile
    Dry season
    Raining/wet season
    Time to be born
    Time to rest in the Lord.

    Lets just appreciate it.
    We are better than those in the prison cells
    Whose Freedom to move around to get fresh air are deprived off.

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