Don’t be greedy – 2 or 3 is enough!

People are greedy about many things – but  I wouldn’t normally count children amongst those things. There are many reasons why a couple should limit themselves to just 2 kids. I will mention a few.
– the economy – no I am not just talking about the recent credit crunch. It’s been steadily going downhill for the past 30 years or so.
– impartiality – it’s well known that you just can’t love all your children the same “amount”
– chance – the previous point along with the vagaries of life increases the likelihood that the more kids you have, the more likely that at least one of them will turn out with some major issues
– legacy – yes, the best inheritance you can give your kids is a good education. But houses and a fat bank account does not hurt either. The more kids you have, the less there is to go around. Increasing the chance of having them be at each others’ throat after you pass along – especially if some of them had already refused that greatest inheritance offer
– altruism – you may be of the opinion that you only need cater for yours, but all those homeless, unfortunate people wandering the street will make it your business when they come in the night to claim what’s not theirs. If you have one or two kids, you may be in a position to help others (relations and non-relations), but if like the old man that gave a testimony in my church last Sunday, you already have 9 of your own – 5 boys, 4 girls, all graduates, 2 girls married, and the dowry for the third already in your pocket, how can you help others?
– genetics – it’s true the bible says we should populate the earth – but it didn’t say only you! There is no superman alive, we all have or are susceptible to one disease or illness or other. Or are unfit in some way – fat, short, ugly, thin, heart problems, diabetic, etc. The more children you have, the more they pass on some of those traits to others. The less you have, the chances that those traits may become diluted enough to almost disappear.
– wealth (NOT) – 1child is a blessing. 2 double blessing. 3 and above are a burden. Kids don’t equate to wealth – maybe in my great-to-the-power-of-10-great-grandfather’s time, but not since you or I were born. If the number of people in your nuclear family requires the photographer to step backwards and take up awkward poses just to fit the “lot” of you in a picture, you have overdone it!
– poverty – the fact that you are middle-class does not give you the liberty to have 6 children. It’s amazing how poverty creeps up on even the best of us. One little mistake and you are living from hand to mouth.
– control – yourself, so you can control your kids (the more there are of them, the more likely you can’t effectively) and not have the situation you have placed yourself in control you. Think with your head, not the other thing.
– Fun – life is short. Have fun. It ain’t fun if you can’t fit in a regular size saloon car. Two at the back and two of you in front makes for an enjoyable family trip.
I think I will stop there – before I am compared with Freud, which would have been a great thing, except most reasonable people think he is a sex-starved, sex-crazed, woman-hating, sad thing, which evidently I am not. Afterall, the points above will help the woman stay healthier, younger, stronger, saner for much longer! Which increases the chance that the responsible party (the man) will hang about much longer!

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