AbdulMutta-loonie’s Marbles

Once there was a man
who thought he was drowing in money
He screamed and yelled
But no one came to his bell
Too busy to heed his call
Because everyday they had the gall
to work so they can have a little taste of milk and honey

So he took this and he took that
and┬ámade a “wee”┬ábomb
thankfully it bombed
otherwise 200 and 80 would have been gone

And then things came to a head
for Abdul-loonie who laid nearly dead

there he was lying on a gurney
the attendant thought it was funny
the surgeon put on his gown
the nurse prodded and probed to see what could be found
says she “maybe we can save one”
but the doctor thought not – why give the devil the chance to spawn
so with a snip here and there
where there was one
now there is none
that is how Abdul-loonie lost his marbles
one big one
and two little ones!

(Lagos, 8:04pm, 08-Jan-2010)

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