Do not doubt me

Was I not there?

At the Jordan’s edge, when the man got deeped, and the voice rolled like thunderstorm across the noonday sky?

Did I not witness the spirit descend
Like a winter’s eagle
Royal and fierce
Yet gentle and mild
Like the whitest dove?

Was I not there?

Did I not witness deep groans from His dried-up lips and watching croud
As metal flailed bits from tortured flesh?

When lightening rend the heavens
And Thunder split the vaulted steps?

Did I not witness the rains come down in drops as big as eggs?
Did it not wash him clean before
Thomas came to fetch his surpine form?

Did I not stick my toes in the crooked stream
Streaked in deepest red
As it wound its way from beneath the cross?

Did I not see the Romans crouch beneath their ragged capes
Held aright by their vicious spears

Did I not see within my soul as spirit departed tired form?

Can there be doubt of his royal calling
When 3 days hence
I saw him whole and standing firm

Can there be doubt of God’s intent
When on streams of air
He ascended the stairs of heaven
While the rays of the sun lighted the way
And Angels marked the path?

Did I not help guide in the boat
Sinking beneath the weight of a thousand fish?

So do not doubt me nor worry me when I proclaim him the Son of God
Who was, is, and ever shall be, world without end.

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  1. Thats cool ayo …never know you are into these deep things … mail me ..make we talk

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