Illumination. Seek . . .

Illumination. Seek . . .

This is not a disclaimer. Just setting the records straight. This should be taken “lightly”. The blog’s name “Illumination” is liable to conjure up many different meanings to different people. I have had several people ask “why?”. The actual meaning intended is the fact that while humans draw breath, they are always “seeking something” whether consciously or otherwise. And what we seek most is to understand who we are, and our purpose in this world. To those who find it, they have achieved some level of illumination.

The Illuminati: The original purpose of the illuminati was a noble one. But as in all things human, greed and lust for power did their usual number on the organization.

The Grail Movement: The “Grail Message” combines elements of various religions with no religion. They appear to preach peace and equality, conscience and consequence. But I have some reservations about the man who wrote the central book used by the movement. I suspect he had a little more going on upstairs than the average person on the street. But as we all know, there is a thin line Genius and … .

The Jehovah’s Witnesses: A noble Christianly organization. I believe their lives emulate Christ the most. I would be a Jehovah Witness if not for some of their core believes that I do not agree with (since they appear contrary to biblical evidence)

So in conclusion, I AM NOT an Illuminati (I think I will leave that to Charlie Boy’s vivid imagination). I AM NOT a member of the Grail movement, and I AM NOT a Jehovah’s Witness (though I admire their attitude to life and others). I am just one man hoping to make heaven 🙂

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