Scorez I

Big guy: Hey bro. Where are you from?
Me: Nigeria. You?
BG: Guess
Me: Not sure but definitely Polynesian
BG: Samoa. What’s your name?
Me: A-Y. Yours?
BG: Tau
BG: Do you play rugby?
Me: No
BG: Why not?
Me: I am too small (he’s probably 6 5” with the rock solid “Polynesian build”)
BG: What are you reading? (He opens the book). I had my hand between the pages.
Brief pause. Uncomfortable silence
BG: Oh. Sorry I didn’t notice the hand.
Me: No probs at all
BG: What happened?
Me: That’s how I was born. Congenital.
BG: Ok. What do you drink?
Me: Anything
BG: Well have a beer and a shot on me!


1 thought on “Scorez I

  1. I think men understand better when it comes to this than women. I don’t really understand their fears or worries based on your writings with your encounters with women..I will not say you should be gay because of that. Lol.
    My first time of seeing it, no big deal in it because it doesn’t affect the Brain or your activities. Even if it affects sexual organs, (sorry to say) no big deal in that. I guess you don’t know me or realized how I looked at it when we met some years ago.
    I just hope other women see it like that and make life less difficult for other children of God like them. Everything God created is beautiful. Anyway, we were not all raised the same way.
    You definitely have a large heart for forgiveness. It gives inner peace.
    Happy Sunday jare🧚🧚🧚

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