Vampire Diaries

For some reason I cannot donate blood. Back in 2017 I volunteered but was turned down because I hadn’t been in the country long enough and my last country of residence was Nigeria which is known for malaria.

Fast forward some 2.5 years and I got a notice from the Red Cross that I can now donate blood. In January the Red Cross had a blood donation drive in my office. Three different people attempted to draw blood from both arms. Lucky that I am not squeamish or afraid of needles because the needle they used looked humongous compared to a regular hypodermic needle. After poking both my arms several times without getting any blood to flow into the tube talk-less of the bag, they finally gave up. I joking asked the lady if she’s sure I am alive.

Another 2 months passes and I got another call that they need blood and every “whole blood” (as opposed to plasma for example) donation can potentially help three people. I signed up again and drove to the center the following morning at 10 AM (a Saturday). We basically repeated the same “show” from two months earlier. The youngest person on staff (and I suspect the most junior had a go first). In and out, left and right the needle went, she’s sure she’s in the vein but no blood comes out. She got a little blood into the tube but that was all. Finally she calls her colleague who she says is very good. He too starts on the same arm. I mentioned the January issue and he kind of laughed it off stating they probably just weren’t good enough to make it happen. After a while, his younger colleague suggested he may want to try my other arm as the vein seems to be more “hydrated”

So he switched to the other arm and repeated the same process. Finally he gave up and called the most experienced staff there who I think was the leader as well. She comes and repeats the same process and actually got the flood flowing slowly through the tube but she says at that rate, the device will time out.

I asked if she had any idea what was going on and she said while she’s not certain, it maybe that my platelets are overly aggressive and once the needle goes in, they react and start blocking the ingress point – basically clotting. The lady suggested that if I really wanted to help, seems it appears I can’t donated blood, I could donate my time in other ways such as welcoming people and ensuring they sign in properly when they arrive to donate blood.

I am going to give it one more try and after that if they still can’t get blood out of my veins, I may likely have them take my name off their list.

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  1. Funny though. I once donated for my sister at St Nicholas hospital. I felt so good that I helped her. The second time, a family friend
    a nurse approached to help donate blood to her church member. Since I was so big then. I thought donating the blood might even help me reduce. Lol.
    I quickly visited The LUTH hospital at Idi-Araba. Even though the rain that day was like the days of Noah. I didn’t care about the traffic in the blood whatever office. It was that day I believe that people actually come to sell their bloods.
    I waited for my turn even though I was running late for the school inter house sport on that Saturday.
    Behold, when it was my turn, I was super happy. I am not afraid of needle too. Bring any shape, I will be calm.
    To my surprise, I was told I didn’t have enough blood to give out. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
    I told the other attendant to conduct the test again. She said, my lady, that it the truth. You can’t donate.
    I was so upset. Why the robust body then πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ. So I was so ashamed really, as I dragged my feet out of the laboratory. Entered the rain and left for the school for the inte house sport. I didn’t know I have kept my umbrella in my bag, the rain beat me so well that I couldn’t even talk well. I wasn’t myself that day Sha. I had to call the nurse and explained to her. But fortunately, someone donated and saved her life.
    It is a good service to humanity. To save lives is more important than donating to church projects. The suggestion from them too is good as well. All nah service. Some people say when you have Γ€jesΓ‘ra, (a kind of protection done by a native doctor) you can’t donate blood. I don’t know how true it is. It is the good gesture that matters. God rewards on charity more than anything. Maybe you should eat more beans πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Greetings

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