Guns ‘n Buses

As I got to CMS “central”, I happened upon a drama that was just unfolding. A mobile police with a gun, beating one of the touts or possibly bus drivers with a long rod. He asked the tout to kneel down while he continued to whip him with the rod. The rod broke twice. All the while people in the crowd kept telling the tout to just take off and run away. So finally he got up the nerve and just took off. The police man cocked his gun, fire a single shot from the gun straight up into the air, and then brought the gun level and pointing at the man who was now swiftly making his way through the crowd. At some point, I was not sure the police man wasn’t going going to shoot at the guy, but I guess the large crowd in the place made him change his mind. He then took off after the man.

I got on a bus from CMS to V/I that was owned by an off-duty (I hope) soldier. I sat in front with the driver. He had on his green army trousers, his shirt was on his laps, and his berret was on the dash board. My eyes were drawn to a cloth flyer that he hung on his rearview mirror with the following inscription and the military motto (probably):
ARMY: The carrier that commands respect

God help us indeed – “carrier”¬†and “VICTRORY”

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