Speed Daemon

I would not send my child (if I had one) to a school named “De-stronggest God International School”. The name is cheesy at best and may be passable for some local one-man firm but definitely not a school.
I came back to Lagos with a friend, and despite the fact that he mentioned there might be a problem with one of his back tyres, we were still pushing 150Km/hr regularly. He is a competent driver, but given the state of roads in the country and the number of reckless/incompetent drivers on the roads, I think he is taking “liberties” (un-necessary risks). I have mentioned it in the past and since I am just a passenger – what else can I do but to find alternatives. I say a silent prayer whenever he gets on the road – even though I am not travelling with him. And of course by the morning of the next day, the tyre had gone completely flat. 

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