follow the money

Right in the middle of the street was a man literally chasing a 500 naira note. Fortunately the street wasn’t too busy at the time, and the oncoming pickup truck found it sufficiently amusing to halt and allow the man finally grab hold of the note. There he was with the slight wind playing havoc with the man’s timing such that he had to bend-scramble after the note. Quite a few people stood still to watch too.
Here is a suggestion for anyone that suddenly gets an urge to overspeed on Nigerian roads: go for a holiday in Germany and “do” the Autobahn. Floor your engine all out, let it scream, work out the desire from your system in a “safe” environment, then come back home and do 100KM/h on a regular day and 120KM/h if the roads are really free (and that once in a while)
Nigerian roads are not meant for speeding – our natural method of controlling speeding on our roads is to allow boreholes and ditches to develop over time. We then encourage huge trucks, tankers to help “maintain” and “enhance” the “speed controls”. Like all good things taken to excess, the side-effect of too many too large potholes are the numerous daily accidents that happen on our roads. The PIP (people-in-power) are of course not bothered about the human casualty – afterall, what’s the loss of a couple of hundred anonymous people in a population of (according to the immediate past president) 160 million give or take 10million?
Chew (the curd) on that 🙁

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