Mugabe …

It was in a busy pub in Ghana. Mugabe was sitting at a table with some of his security operatives. There was some young men also at the same table – discussing football, and some other issues.
Mugabe says “I like Ghana very much, especially the constant electricity. Foreign policy is dear to my heart”
Fortunately I was at the same table and with my brother-inlaw’s camcorder. I apprehensively put it on and started recording. The security operatives had a hostile look but didn’t make any attempt to stop me. I wanted to ask if I could take a picture with Mugabe, but the atmosphere coupled with the operatives’ unease and my own fiddling with the camcorder, I lost the opportunity. They soon got up and left.

It was 7:15am. I got up, time to go to class (Oracle 11g RAC), we had agreed to come in early to do the practice labs.


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