Slaves and Dreams

Had quite a vivid/terrible dream yesterday. Must have been close to the morning I think. In it there were 3 or four girls from my set back in school. And I knew in the dream that they were dead. And there they were digging their own graves and already the graves were knee deep. They had this zombie expression on their faces. In the same place I was modeling a woman and the structure must have been quite big because it appears I was looking up at it from behind.  And I was thinking the skirt was too short and in the manner of dreams I could increase the skirt’s length by just drawing a new line at the place were I thought should be the proper length. I woke up shaken and started praying for the girls’ safety. Thankfully I think I can only remember one for sure now, but when I first awoke I was sure of 3 of the four faces. Someone close was also arranging and re-arranging what appeared to be stuff from some god’s shrine in the same dream.

If you can lay your hands on a copy of Amazing Grace (2006) – you should watch the film. It’s about William Wilberforce’s effort to pass the bill that ended slave trading in the British empire at the close of the 18th century. Of course slave trading (or owning of) continued especially in the Americas for another seventy years or so. Consider it part of your cultural education (especially those who find it a pain to read history books).
If you can get a copy of “City of God” – it’s a must watch. It’s based on a true story of a slum in Brazil and it’s occupants struggle for survival amidst gangsterism fueled by drugs and poverty.


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