Superstitious humans

amazing how superstitious humans are. I had a travel agent come to my place of work. The receptionist handed him a tag with the number 13 on it and he bluntly refused it saying he would accept any other number but 13. “13 is the most unlucky number”. I asked the receptionist to please give him another tag. I jokingly mentioned to him that at least it wasnt Friday the 13th. And the man is a pastor 🙂

I will no longer accept all this limitations placed on us by our environment e.g., gravity. Why can’t I fly, why can’t I move an object by exerting my mental powers (telekinesis), why can’t I put a thought directly into another persons head (telepathy). i am going to put a small object at an easily accessible place in my room and every day from now on, spend 5 minutes attempting to move it simply by willing it to do so! Let’s get started!

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