I was found in the wild
Told I was lost
Made to wear shorts
and put on a shirt
I am now civilized
On the inside or outside?

I was happy in the wild
Unencumbered by cloth and shoes
I was happy to jiggle
I didn’t know what it was
Till they told me
I just liked the air as it coursed between my legs

I am lost in the city
Men’s ways confound me
I couldn’t care less for the fork
My fingers hold the stew
Better than the metallic spoon
They said Silver was for the ears
Then I found it on the table

I lost the plot
They lost the plot
I didn’t know there was a plot
Which plot?
The one where I give up the freedom of the wild
For the shackles of the city?
No, not that one. may be the other?

I was sent to school
I wrote words on paper
Then I wiped with paper?
It was hot on the inside
Moving leaves told of cooling breeze
So I took to the trees

I left the shorts and the shirt
Neatly folded on the patio
While they watched animals on the video
Why? The Owl was on the fence and the Aardvark in the field across the road
I am free once again
They can call it jiggle while they giggle
Me, I just like the air as it courses between my legs
Out here in the wild

24-01-2013 20:53pm (Freedom Hall)

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