Six degrees of separation: get me to Larry Ellison

Six degrees of separation: get me to Larry Ellison

This is going to sound totally crazy. I am trying to get to Larry Ellison. No. I am not going to ask him for a cent.

Yeah. We have all ready about his exploits in and outside Oracle. Some not too flattering. Some consider him narcissistic. But I guess you don’t achieve what he has done by being a pansy (excuse the word). You are going to step on a lot of toes along the way -and it takes a certain “I am the best there is and I know it” attitude to do that. Not that I agree with that approach, but I can make a comment when I make my first billion. Lol.

I am not interested in all that for the moment. I am not interested in his money either (not right now).

What I am interested in is simple. I want him to send a personal birthday email (early July) to someone in his organization (Oracle). Of course mentioning me in passing as the “requester.”

If I am to believe the six degrees of separation theory (and Will Smith’s film), I should be able to get to him (Larry Ellison).

So how am I going to make this happen?

I assume there is an army of qualified assistants trolling the web for references (good or bad) to him and I am hoping one of them would pick this up. If “you” (whoever you may be are the one – note that you are my hero). Larry can chalk it up as his good did for the day!

Well, we shall see if the Oracle Juggernaut will pick this up and I suddenly get a communication (which I will verify of course) asking for more details.

Here is to the rich folks out there including Larry. It’s great to have unlimited wealth. I understand that only the few possess the “requirements” to achieve this and to the rest of us they aren’t usually “nice.” But hey, it comes with the territory.

Let’s see if “we” can convince him (Larry Ellison) to do something completely out of the ordinary for him – he may just be setting something monumental in motion.

To Larry! To Oracle! To the six degrees of separation! Let’s do this!

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