Impaired Judgement

Impaired Judgement

I shouldn’t write anything for a while. My judgement is impaired. Not from drinks or alcohol. I did take a break once a long time ago. Then a short one recently. But it seems it wasn’t long enough.

I have somehow managed to become the harbinger of psychological and emotional pain. The trouble that sticks like mud. But I am not wicked or spiteful (not anymore anyway).
I am trying to be a good man.

Apologies for anything on this site that is offensive. Let me know and I will take it down. My motives are not always right nor my position unselfish. But I write not only to sooth my ego (which I am trying to cut down to size), but as a form of therapy.

I will take responsibility for my actions (and inaction). I will not blame anyone else for the past nor for the present. Because ultimately I made the decisions one way or another that resulted in the outcomes I experienced.

I am (now) a better man.


One thought on “Impaired Judgement

  1. Very good sir/Ma.
    Everyone feels thesame way once in a while.
    It is normal.
    It’s good to accept mistake and take to Corrections. But don’t stop writing. Some of us love to read when bored. Have courage to move on.
    “Success is never final
    Failure never fatal
    But courage counts”. (Edward Sicso)

    As for feelings,
    Polish the dull side to shine.
    We have many to thank God for.

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