I am blank
Like a blackboard
Freshly blacked
Streaks of nothingness

I am blank
Like an expanse of the ocean
The leviathan rules the depths
So false is the surface calm

I am blank
Like a field freshly burnt
Black is the basis of new life
But black is also the sorrow that rode the flames

I am blank
Give in to the black hole
It should suck my past away
But would my consciousness survive

I am blank
I should enjoy each new experience
I have tried hard and harder
But without you I am lost

and blank

21/02/2016 (1:35am)

One thought on “Blank

  1. Hmmmmmmm, beauty within, fresh, sinless, easy going and maybe innocent I guess.
    Did I get it?
    I don’t understand Poems like that jareeee.

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