I finally saw Debo

I finally saw Debo.
I was lying on a bed or couch.
I heard him first as usual 🙂
I could see through a door way to where he had stopped to admire and question someone who was repainting a door.
Then he came and jumped on the couch next to me
“Egbon kilon shele?” (bro, what is going on?). “An old man (and the nurses?) were whispering something “Ki won ma jeki ohun gbo” (not to let Debo hear whatever it was).
I asked him “nibo lo wa?” (Where are you?).
“Hospital”. He answered.
He was still expectantly looking at me for an answer to his initial question.
I couldn’t answer him. So instead I started crying, and cried myself awake.

(I remember some half-serious conversation after he died where ghosts and so on came up. I remember telling whoever it was I wouldn’t mind if Debo comes “visiting”. There’s no way such a visit would be anything but positive).

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