You can’t sell your soul to anyone

You can’t sell your soul to anyone

There is a falsehood that has been propagated down through the centuries: “that a man can sell his soul to the devil” – this is a lie of the devil (literally). You cannot legally sell what is not yours. A conman may be able to sell another’s property and even get away with it. But you cannot sell what is God’s in the same way: even the devil is not in a position to buy it from you. The devil cannot buy or own a soul. True, a man may make a pact with him such that in exchange for worldly goods and influence, the MAN does (conscious decision) things that would make him certainly destined for hell, but the devil cannot force one into hell, nor can he take someone’s soul from him (by force or otherwise). Where the soul ends up is based solely on the man. So all those stories about the devil showing up at the end of one’s life (look up Mephistopheles for example) to take away someone’s soul to hell is pure B.S.

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  1. My will is mine, no force on earth or heaven can’t take it from me. Which means God has given each of us freedom to choose between good and bad. How we make use of the freedom depend on us. But, we can be rest assured that, consequences will also be paid by us.

    The ball is in our court, weather to use it wisely for God or Satan.
    Temptations come knocking, we become desperate to do silly things
    We are all guilty of this but we hope God will not ask us to come when we are busy chasing what He created. Forgive me Lord, but I have done this or I will have to do this to help myself is what we say……. Maybe not.

    Did I make any sense at all sir. Maybe not!
    Just passing by……….

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