Had another long dream yesterday
Found myself on Sanusi Fafunwa walking towards GTB . The CEO was ahead of me with 6, 7 or 8 people.
I guess power attracts. Some time later he must have noticed me because he asked if there was anything
he could do for me (friendly). I said no, that I just fell in when I saw people with him. Almost at
the bank, he asked what I did for the company (my function). I replied that I was responsible for the
UNIX infrastructure enterprise-wide. He then pointed to a younger man in front of us and asked if I
could “fix” him up. I had in mind to go through the process of asking what the man’s qualifications
were, and that there is only one entry level position in my unit etc but maybe because we were
already at the bank, we let it go.
The bank was curiously full of all sorts of people – even those you wouldn’t expect in such a place.
Cut to me being in the S.E.C. or some similar security organization. It seems I needed a letter to
travel or something. Anyway, the women attending to me said something about getting O.O (my former
boss to sign it or so). Cut to me and OAT in some out of the way un-tarred road pitted
with potholes looking like some forest road. Cut to my father’s former hospital which was
full of people but I got the impression he wasn’t the doctor on duty.
Cut to the CEO on a discussion of progress, “connection”, etc. He says “levels 20-18 – SSG.” “Levels 17-1 – open
cadre – no conduit” – he adds shaking his head – meaning its hard to “rise” and “no connection” etc. Hey, the man introduced me to his Janded-daughter – wink-wink. Ok, maybe I was starting to wake up here and my sub-conscious had taken over and was feeding wishful stuff into my dream-stream 🙂

Sometimes I wonder why go to the trouble of getting hitched, procreating, etc with death a certainity? But the hormones won’t let me be! They say it’s also part of life – experiencing all these things is part of being alive.

Some days ago I was piloting a helicopter in my dream. It was so vivid it was like an out-of-body experience. The helicopter was small so I could feel all the dips and turns. The only thing I close to it I can remember is a dream long ago in which I was flying through the air. It felt strange on both occasions but I wouldn’t mind a repeat 🙂  The helicopter dream was over some buildings in what appeared to be a field surrounded by dense lush forest.