No Bad Days

I think I should start reviewing films. I watch lots of them so why not, and I can sit through almost any film especially when I am not tired. As I don’t have any academic qualification as a arts-based critic, my “watch-o-meter” scale will be very simple (I am sure you are thanking your stars): dont-miss; pop-corn fare; no alternatives and go-do-your-laundry-instead – ranked from edge-of-the-seat interesting to I-just-wasted-X-hours-of-my-life!
Some films are born lame. They limp into cinemas or more fiting – straight to DVD.
One such lame film is “No Bad Days”. If I was below 20, I could probably just say the films is just gay as in “it’s so gay!”
It’s bad enough to give one a bad day if not for the fact that the acting is so laughable!

The films itself seems to have 2 titles – “No bad days” and “Lost Treasure of the MAYA” – or is that the subtitle or the alternate title in an alternative universe where the film does not register on the “suck-o-meter”?

I must tell you I just freed 714,260 KB of disk space on my Laptop and I am sure the disk will thank me for it.
I could have sworn that one of the tracks played in the film was by a Nigerian artiste. The song was definetely in pidgin english. Fastforward to the credits and the track’s title is “Gee Gie Jah Gaa, Gee Gie Gee Gie” written and performed by  Jonathan Beah A.K.A. Big Joe and Amara Dukuray A.K.A Dee Castro.
That title would be better rendered “Ji-gi ja-ga, jigi-jigi” and I am sure at least one of the artiste is definitely one of ours – most def.

Skip this one. Go do your laundry instead.

Try Staten Island (Ethan Hawke and Julian Nicholson) on for size. If you don’t like it, go stand in the corner with your face to wall for an hour.

So life goes on

Life goes on whether we live it or not.
I wonder what I am doing.
Age creeps up on you.
And soon, you will be taken where you dont want to go
You may be fed what you don’t want to eat
All your strength is gone and you have to depend on the strength of another
When it gets unbearable, a tiny voice whispers in your ear to cut it short
Do not give in – and not because it’s the coward’s way out
No it’s not – everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die
Do not give in – because whether it’s clear or not, you are on this earth for a purpose
Do your best – and leave the rest to time and chance that happens to all men
Do not give in – think of the suffering billions dispersed around the world and how much because of the quirks of time and chance you are better off than them.
Be grateful for the little things; be grateful for the big things – like food, clothing and shelter
Be grateful for the present – 6 million people each one an individual such as you and I
Be grateful for the hurricane that only brought rain
Be grateful for the turnado that took the road with it but no life
Be grateful for the fender-bender not covered by insurance but which caused no injuries
Be grateful for each breath – think of frantic scratches in sealed boxes 6 feet down under
Be grateful – because with or without us, the universe goes on its merry way
And the chance to be alive, to be aware, to be more that the beast of the fields or the birds of the air, is a privilege not a right.