Possibly Controversial Views (11/02/2009 – 2:54AM)

I should really be asleep, but while trying to do so these thoughts continued to swell in my mind. Hopefully after I put them down I will drift off for some hours. The ideas are not new, I have been ruminating on variations for a while

OK, here goes

Kids: 2 is enough for every couple
kids sex: personally, I want 2 handsome athletic boys. Twins is OK, one after the other with say 2 years difference in age is OK

Marriage: marry someone better looking than you are – you owe it to your kids. You are giving them a head-start in this complex world if they look good.
Men: marry beautiful women (yes, Godly, loving, compassionate – all these I assume you have already made sure of) or at least marry a woman who is more beautiful than you are handsome (or ugly if applicable)

Women: marry a handsome man (yes, Godly, loving, compassionate – all these I assume you have already made sure of) or as handsome as you are beautiful

Women/Men: marry someone with any visible physical deformity (congenital etc – results of injuries don’t count) ONLY if it does not run in the family. Take me for example, as far as I know, no one else has the same or similar physical deformity in my extended family that I know of – so it may be be safely assumed within reason, that mine was just a glitch in the formation of the fertilized cell (while developing) that is the person I am now.
Actually it may be argued that, were it not for selfish reasons, deformed people should of their own volition, choose not to pro-create in order to avoid the possibility of bestowing such a legacy on future generations. We may no longer be in the earlier ages when physical strength and makeup was all that counted towards survival, but in this world which is still infatuated with outward appearances, one should as much as possible ensure that future generations are as perfect physically as possible.

Women: don’t marry a fat man unless you like or don’t mind the paunch. The love handle is not restricted to the sides as you feed him.

Men: don’t marry a fat lady unless you that’s what you want/like. Marriage makes even the thinnest of ladies “voluptuous”. At least if you start out regular, it sort of grows on you. That way you almost don’t notice it and it is acceptable. Afterall, it’s both your creation.

Generally, for both men and women, once married, it’s down-hill from there (talking about weight)

Make sure I am gone

We are all narcissistic to a certain extent. Yes, a part of me want to be in the limelight just like all those Hollywood types, with the paparazzi dogging and cataloging my every move in words and pictures. But once one is dead, of what use is all that? Yes, I would like to be remembered. But the African’s excuse of using every burial as a day-out to party and eat is something beyond me. When I “go”, please just ensure I am truly gone, then get a wooden casket with no frills and no lacquer if possible, so the worms can get access as quickly as possible. A church service would be nice, but no need to put anybody out. Say immediate family, anyone else who is interested for a grand total of about 50-100 people should be enough. No need to go far, the nearest reasonable ground for such affairs is OK. A headstone would be nice, so that passing generations can stop by and ponder the transiency of man. I do so anytime I see a graveyard. I have been known to read the inscriptions on headstones. To always do the maths to workout how old the person was at death. To consider what the person’s life was like when he was alive. We will all go sooner or later. Death where is thy sting …

Damisi Itayemi

Damisi Itayemi (193x – February 03, 2009)

lying all alone
on a cold slab of stone
that is my uncle
but is he?
he is long gone
with the last breath – his last song
to join the angels’ throng

none of us can save another
not wife
nor child
nor husband
nor father
nor daughter
nor son
nor sister
nor brother

when the bell tolls
we are all alone
each man by himself
to heed the maker’s call

what then is money or property
is gold worth its weight?
will diamond light the path?
what use is silvery plates and pans?

Lazarus has fallen asleep a second time
never to rise again in this life time

every man is a tortured soul seeking rest

what is man, that thou art mindful of him?
and the son of man, that thou visitest him?  (Psalm 8:4)

the days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.   (Psalm 90:10)

we blossom and flourish as leaves on the tree,. And wither and perish but naught changeth thee

R.I.P. Uncle Damisi Itayemi