The Obama Dream

No, I am not referring to the Obama version of the Rev. MLG Jnr’s speech, but yes, we can!
I had a strange dream this morning (05/08/2010). I was in some function with Obama on the high table along with some other people and I was seating in the front row. He wanted to take some water from a decanter but had some trouble opening it, but one of his aids assisted. It’s one of those situations where you are itching to reach out and fix the problem then you think, wow! They are never going to allow you to touch the USA president’s water decanter. The water is probably shipped in straight from the USA. Things went along and at some point, he popped a bottle of champaigne in celebration (of something I can’t recall) and stepped down from the raise floor, and I was the first person he served! The guy next to me was all in a hurry shoving up his glass to be filled, but Obama actually waited until I brought my glass up.  Thanks Obama 🙂 !