Weird dream

Weird zombie dream this morning. Started off discussing a data protection solution with a prospect and I said to him that at one end of the chain are the Inside sales team, then the field sales team, and at the other end is the customer. That’s about when there was some sort of commotion and most of the light in the city went out.
Next I was running away from the zombies, they were quick, not Z (Brad Pitt) quick though. The strange thing was that all their faces were in silhouette so I couldn’t make out any features. I was hopping from one roof to another and it seems I was headed for a safe zone.
Just as I came in sight of the gates, a woman came running up and asked which way to Microsoft.
She made it through the gate first and was captured by some humoungous humanoid-zombie which is when I realizedd the safe zone was compromised.
Earlier in the dream I had gone to eat at some local restaurant. I had to go pay at the cashier’s stand and I set down my back pack. One of the kids in the place got into the backpack and stole my phone. I ran after him and as I got the phone back, another kid stole something else from the backpack and I proceeded to hunt him down too: why didn’t I just take the backpack with me?