Superstitious humans

amazing how superstitious humans are. I had a travel agent come to my place of work. The receptionist handed him a tag with the number 13 on it and he bluntly refused it saying he would accept any other number but 13. “13 is the most unlucky number”. I asked the receptionist to please give him another tag. I jokingly mentioned to him that at least it wasnt Friday the 13th. And the man is a pastor 🙂

I will no longer accept all this limitations placed on us by our environment e.g., gravity. Why can’t I fly, why can’t I move an object by exerting my mental powers (telekinesis), why can’t I put a thought directly into another persons head (telepathy). i am going to put a small object at an easily accessible place in my room and every day from now on, spend 5 minutes attempting to move it simply by willing it to do so! Let’s get started!

Slaves and Dreams

Had quite a vivid/terrible dream yesterday. Must have been close to the morning I think. In it there were 3 or four girls from my set back in school. And I knew in the dream that they were dead. And there they were digging their own graves and already the graves were knee deep. They had this zombie expression on their faces. In the same place I was modeling a woman and the structure must have been quite big because it appears I was looking up at it from behind.  And I was thinking the skirt was too short and in the manner of dreams I could increase the skirt’s length by just drawing a new line at the place were I thought should be the proper length. I woke up shaken and started praying for the girls’ safety. Thankfully I think I can only remember one for sure now, but when I first awoke I was sure of 3 of the four faces. Someone close was also arranging and re-arranging what appeared to be stuff from some god’s shrine in the same dream.

If you can lay your hands on a copy of Amazing Grace (2006) – you should watch the film. It’s about William Wilberforce’s effort to pass the bill that ended slave trading in the British empire at the close of the 18th century. Of course slave trading (or owning of) continued especially in the Americas for another seventy years or so. Consider it part of your cultural education (especially those who find it a pain to read history books).
If you can get a copy of “City of God” – it’s a must watch. It’s based on a true story of a slum in Brazil and it’s occupants struggle for survival amidst gangsterism fueled by drugs and poverty.



Cut my hair myself on Saturday. Since I literally skinned it, it wasn’t too difficult. I just stood in front of a mirror and ran the electric clipper over and over again all over my head. Of course I couldn’t see the back so i went over that portion several times just to make sure it was smooth. Would be the third time or so I would be doing so. My barber seems to have moved away so until I find another I am comfortably with, I will probably repeat the process when next I feel like a hair cut 🙂

Life …

I was told a 42-year old married Nigerian mother and Dentist by profession died recently in the U.S. of ovarian cancer. She was married to a Nigerian medical doctor. The story is quite complicated but from what I gather she had been responding to treatment in the US when the husband decided the whole family was moving to Nigeria. I guess her condition must have detoriated rapidly in Nigeria. Learnt she practically dragged her weakened self back to the U.S. unaccompanied by neither the children nor the husband. She checked into a hospital, an operation was performed, but when they opened her up, it was decided that nothing could be done to save her and she was given 3 weeks to live. She died about 2 weeks later.

I am not pointing accusing fingers at anyone because as is usually the case, the true story may be more complicated than the version which I got. I “feel” for the lady and her family.

I have always felt knowing when one would die may be a good thing – especially if one hadn’t suffered too much from the ravages of the disease or condition. The psychologists would probably talk about the various grieving stages such as denial, anger, acceptance etc. I think it allows one to make peace with self, God and others. Sort of take care of one’s affairs.

What’s happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somali, Pakistan, etc just helps to strengthen the case made by the evolutionists that we originated from some single-cell micro-oganism (and all that’s in existence from some big-bang way back in time)

Because human life has become a dime a dozen (ok, it’s always been that). If we dispose of each other worse than the animals do, what then makes us better than them? It’s said that a man who does not read is not better than a man who cannot read. Same goes for us humans who claim we have brains but refuses to use them.

Bombs kill people in Iraq and other places. A girl of 13 complains to the authorities that she was gang-raped by 3 men and the authorities decide that she was guilty of adultery, fill a stadium with over 10,000 people and then proceed to stone her to death in front of the willing spectators.