Here We Are …

I knew it was coming
Yet I thought it would never happen
So here I am wishing you would get up
People say death is the ultimate confirmation that God is superior to us
But death where is thy sting
If wishes were horses, this willing beggar will will you to defy the stillness of death, the formalin that keeps the hot sun at bay, and live again in this world
Yet, now you are free of the pain, and the treachery that is age, you have transcended the daily grind that is life
You have conquered it all, now you look down with the beginning of a smile at the corner of your mouth and bless God in ways even the best singer alive can only marvel at
The hustle and bustle holds no surprise for you, for even while you yet drew breath in this world, you long ago realised the futility of it all, and lived a life of service
Now, I hope your example will be my guiding torch in this darkness that the average man gropes blindingly through
People are celebrating your life. I guess it is fitting.
It is said that the problem with humility is that one cannot claim to possess it nor can one boast of it. But I not being you, can say of you that you were humble, and double so in spite of your achievements.
The celebration has taken off
The inhibitions are falling off as the spirits evaporate down patched throats
Takes you down memory lane dont it
And one song is asking for the lighter and the ganga
Not what the doctor would recommend I am sure
But it’s all in good fun
And I am sure their spirits say this shot is for you as they rock to the beat
And the tempo has tempted me to take a few tentative steps
Alas, I am only fit for strictly come dancing in my fantasy
The waist refuses to twist
So I stand on the sideline and admire those who can dig it
I will go to sleep now
If it’s permitted to those above
Feel free to drop by in my dreams
We can discuss both the mundane and the shocking
Current affairs and past events
Anything that catches our fancy
And when I wake tomorrow
I will remember and smile
Your body may be destined for the ground but you are long free of the shackles that is flesh
I will try not to cry
Afterall, the separation is short and ephemereal
And soon we will be able to jawjaw again
You were brilliant, but now you know all things as permitted by the greatest One
So, I will let you go now, till we meet again. I say I love you, dad.


Methuselah and the flood

I have always thought about the flood and the generations of Adam that lived before it happened (due to the great age some of them lived to be). The analysis below is as a result of a conversation with a senior colleague (O. Adewumi) some time ago when he mentioned the possibility of doing something similar. I have been putting it off for a while, but it came again to my mind just as I was about to fall asleep yesterday (scratch that, about 2am this morning).
So I copied out the relevant Bible verses and created the table below. The only thing that jumps out (at me) is in relation to Methuselah Рdraw your conclusions please (I may be off by a year or so of course)

Methuselah and the Flood

Methuselah and the Flood