Derele passed by with all his usual bling and his electric-shocked head of hair.
As usual I was tempted to walk up to him to ask if he wouldn’t mind a picture (same temptation I get when I see any celebrity – I have seen PawPaw or whatever he is called – the more popular of the short Nollywood duo; Oshiomole – his overgrown bodyguard didn’t even allow me move an inch, etc)
While I was thinking of the nightmare (for him and the staff) that would happen when he attempts to make it through the screening machine (he had more studs on his shoes, armbands, sleeveless jacket than a plane has rivets on its arms), the gentleman behind me on the queue nudged his wife and said “See human being” to which the wife replied “Who is he?”
“Derele” was the response – followed by a shake of the head and an additional “Na woman born am o”