Suicide By Corp is a phenomena the “Oyibos” are not unfamiliar with. Fortunately or unfortunately for the would-be victim, centuries of modernization and thousands of law-suits have taught the police in those countries that being trigger-happy does not pay.
SBC by the way, is an occurence where a person puts himself/herself/itself in a situation where the cops have to shoot (hopefully dead) him or her or it.
It is thus a good thing that the average Negroid is averse (politically-correct way of saying “scared-shitless”) to dying.
This is because the cops in this neck of the wood have neither a pedigreed past nor adequate physical and psychological training nor any fear of law-suits or even the law. The law here is handed down to the masses by the courts and the judiciary, enforced by the police, over-ridden by the bourgeoise and (used to be) repudiated by the military.
If Nigerians (especially youths) where to gravitate towards suicide due to their percieved troubles, S.C.B. would soon become the latest fad as a means of exiting this planet in style. I suspect that the “high” in that last few minutes of taunting the police to open fire, the excitement and the suspence must rival an high from ecstacy (not that I know what that high is like).
Some say that those who chose to die when life becomes unbearable are braver than those who continue to suffer on despite the fact that it’s almost certain that there is no hope of their situation improving.
Some say it’s cowards that take the easy way out by committing suicide.
I say I have no say in the matter. I chose the easy way out. God says thou shall not kill. That’s His stand. That’s my stand. Period.