sit-ups and football

I started doing situps last week – or should I say I did it for 2 days. By the 3rd day, I started having this pain in my lower abdomen. Then
I caught the cough that’s been going round (probably due to the weather)  and the pain really started – I started to dread the cough as it was
really bad down there at my waist line whenever i coughed. In fact, I thought I must have ruptured something! The pain gradually eased off
some days later. I think I will start again 2moro. Can’t be a superhero without plenty of exercise huh?

I don’t watch football much, but it seems the argument between fans after the games is much more enjoyable – especially when all the fans
support the same team – like Nigeria’s loss tonight to Ivory Coast. Nigeria’s population is about 160million. If we take away 20million
representing the under-5s who are not yet sure what the hoola-baloo is all about plus yours truly, the remaining 140million less one are
all world-class coaches/technical advisers (or wanna-bes) who in their own eyes are as qualified as the next man for the job and would give
Westerhof (or whoever is currently taking away the foreign exchange) a run for “our” money anyday. There is likely to be some truth in there,
but how do you wittle down 140million to the 50 or so who might actually deserve a shot at the position? – a real needle in a haystack dilema 🙂