Fooling Birds …

Exit ye, all who possess dirty minds.

Not that kind of bird – I would have said chicks 🙂

Anyways, I find myself mimicking the cries of some birds from time to time. Personally, I wouldn’t say it’s anywhere close to the original, but the birds seem to think otherwise. Take for example, the day I looked out my window, and noticed a pair of regular visitors – the neighbor’s peakcock (a male and a female). The female doesnt make much of a sound but the male always demands to be heard. So from behind the netting, I started mimicking it’s call. and what do you know, it got so interested, it was hopping all over the place looking for the source of the sound. On the window ledge, the roof, back down to the ground, etc. Unfortunately, since I dont really speak “birdese”, it was difficult to decide if the male’s interest was in order to discover a long lost brother or a take the initiative and chase away possible contender for the female’s attention. Then this morning, just as I stepped into the bath, the dove that was trying to see if the window ledge would be a good place for a nest, decided to make a quick getaway when it saw me. Just for fun, I started to coo, and that actually relaxed it long enough to decide to continue on its reconnaissance.

I seem to always come late to the party 🙁
When there was no ring, I didn’t say anything
Now that there is a ring, I can’t say anything

It’s 1:41am. Someone hand me the Holicks!