The Lone Walker

The lone walker

I met a man
Spotting a tan
Sitting by the quay
Looking at the bay

I sat by him
Didn’t say a word
Solace in silence
Or maybe it was shyness

He said he died yesterday
This was the new him
I couldn’t tell the difference
Could I decipher by inference

Was the new him
Better than the old him
Would the new him
Slay the ghost of the old him

No answer was forthcoming
Maybe he was brainstorming
Then I saw his reflection in the beam
He was me and I was him!

Bobby Ray

Bobby Ray

What will we do for little bobby Ray?

He did as he was told
He carried his bag in the cold
A little figure: he was bold
All the way with the ticket he was sold

Billy Blanks was no longer a lad
But just as always he was sad
A little help: he wouldn’t have been bad
But everyone thought he was a cad

What really happened no one can tell
But Billy Banks should go to hell
For Bobby Ray: they rang the bell
Because the police found a shell

So I shed a tear for Bobby Ray
Oh. He always had a lot to say
Last I saw: he was all over the bay
What a little soul to slay

Billy Banks was put behind bars
He won’t be stealing any more cars
No one will miss him: send him to Mars
Up in the sky shines Bobby Ray’s stars