The Chupacabra

The Chupacabra

The night was long
And I didn’t have a song
So I went for a walk
Rather than toss and sulk

I took two candelabra
And met a Chupacabra
I asked him where he was going
“To eat you, I am going”

He might talk funny
But he was no bunny
“I am 200 and drink a lot of pop”
“My blood is diluted and would ruin your sup”

Better to leave this hood
And head to Hollywood
There are 600s with fat to spare
All you can drink and none would care

So I gave him some money
And my lunchbox too
He said “Is it veggie? It smells funny”
“No way in hell, I am a carnivore too”

If you think it’s not worth much
Surviving his clutch
I met a Chupacabra
Top that, you son-of-a-cabra!


I wrote the following some time after I learnt of Sergio’s passing. It’s on my Facebook timeline. It contains a lot of references to events during the short time I knew him.
It’s roughly a year since his passing.

All we have now are memories

How did we part?
Vaguely remember
Was it at the car park 
Or was it at the house?

Punta Cana
Wish I woulda
Still hope you coulda

I see your face!
Your smile
Your voice
Your ease

Your Bunny!
Your folks
Your kids
Your friends

Not even a year ago
That I got to know you
Did we start with hello
Or a hug in June

Those who miss you
The tears they shed
Those who knew you
Their eyes are red

The flames of life
The struggle, the strife
All lie down one by one
Strange as it is, you are truly gone

All we have now are memories.