Lasik eye surgery

I don’t have a personal experience of any sort of eye surgery but I think I need to put this here in case someone considering Lasik sees it.

Just a word of caution to do your research. When it goes wrong it is supposedly life changing to the point some people are considering suicide. Google for bad effects such as starburst, ghosting, and dry eyes.

Make sure you consider the pros and cons before committing to it. There are just too much adverts on the TV which is of course paid for by their organization that I think it is almost evil that medicine has become commercialized to the degree it is especially in the US. “Schedule your “free” consultation now, the surgery is so quick and can be had for as low as $220 per eye. We even offer a payment plan ….”

Note I have nothing against the surgery but given the amount of people with negative outcome, it is worth warning people to do their research before having the surgery. I know one should do ones research for any surgical procedure but the medical profession is one of those (with good justification) that we tend to believe with little question. But this Lasik surgery thing is so glamorized on TV and other social media outlets it’s become disconcerting.

True, no one is getting out of life alive, but hopefully we have reasonably good health for as long as possible.

Be good.




What is a muse
A muse?
I write for my muse
For my muse?
When she’s gone, so is my ink
My ink?

Shall I tell my muse
Shall I?
Will dreams be shattered
Like a plane of glass
Pane of glass?

News. News.
Will this news find welcome
Find welcome?
What news?
This news. This same news
Same news?

Whoosh! Whoosh!
Better than cursing
Better than cursing?
Shush! Shush!
Secrets lightly kept
Kept secrets?

Life is hard
This Life? Hard?
I can’t see for the smoke
Deliverance comes on the heels of disappointment
The heels of disappointment?

Troy, Persia, all the kingdoms, all fall
All fall?
We stand tall for a minute
Tall, for a minute?
History is at an end
An end?

But my muse
A thousand lines written in a blink
A blink of an eye?
A thousand words kissed silently into the cold of the night
The cold of the night?

Where is my muse
My muse?
Lying on my bed in the dark
Thinking of you
You? Fair you?
My muse.

30/03/2014 4:51am