Raising Aid

Raising Aid

Tis the Christmas Season!

A carol singing trip to raise money on behalf of Christian Aid charity (www.christianaid.org.uk) by my brother’s church. We took the picture below just before praying and heading out.
It was really cold, despite my glove, my fingers became numb and I only had on a flimsy
t-shirt under my jacket so the cold was getting in from “under”. I also never remember to pack my neck scarf whenever I travel, so the cold was getting in from “on top” as well.
We headed up and down a couple of streets where we would stop under lampposts and sing a couple of Christmas carol songs. (I believe the church had given her “neighbors”advanced notice that we would be making the rounds tonight).
Two designated “collectors” will go and knock on people’s doors while the rest of us sang the songs – usually two songs per lamp posts from a total of 16 songs.

It was nice to be doing something for someone else for a change, but I would be lying if I don’t admit my mind strayed once or twice to something that’s always on my mind and how nice it would have been if that had had an alternate happy ending.

Note: I am the one on one knee in front and to the left of the group (beside the children).

Then after we made it back to the church, we had some chicken soup, carrot soup, cake, bread and butter and mincepies to “warm up” before heading back home.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year (well in advance!)