It’s Safe only if it ain’t Taken

It’s Safe only if it ain’t Taken

I headed out at 8:30PM yesterday to go kill some hours by myself. I tend to think less when I am caught up in the action on the big screen (like most people) and I needed to get away from my thoughts.

Got there at about 9PM just as “Taken 2” was about to start. It appeared they had even stopped selling tickets until some supervisor came around to say they should sell some more as there were still a few seats left. Now this is not the usual state of affairs I like when I go to see a film. My seat of choice is a few rows just up from the central row and if possible right in the middle of the row. Going in so close to the hall being full meant I may have to sit staring up at the screen in one of those front row seats (not in any great sense of the term). I went in and the in the dark made my way up the aisle. First couple of tries and I was told the seats were taken, then I saw a seat in probably the perfect spot. I tried to ask the muscle-bound guy next to the vacant seat if it was taken and wasn’t sure whether his answer was yes or no. So I just decided to try my luck and went in anyway. Sat down successfully. It appears the only good thing about visiting the cinema alone is that sometimes, very great seats come in singles and all the couples that came in of course can’t take them!

Taken 2 was reasonably good though I heard a chap saying the original one was better – possibly. I enjoyed the movie. As usual, I waited until all the credits were done. One of the cleaners asked me on the way out if I enjoyed the movie and I said thanks. I was the last person out of the hall. Went out and saw people still at the ticket stand. Decided to see if anything else was showing and found out Safe (Jason Statham) would be starting in 10 minutes at 11:20PM.

The action was over the top as usual for a great Jason Statham movie. I enjoyed even better than Taken 2.

I think originally there were only 5 of us in the room. No prize for guessing I was the single guy in the room.

Well, that was about 4 hours I didn’t have to be by myself. I was up there slugging it out alongside Liam Neeson and Jason Statham. I also have got more impetus to see if I can turn one of the short stories I have written into a short film. While it would probably be about 15 minutes long, it would still cost a bundle and the logistics would require some inside “connect” with the police to get some real guns for the film. And policemen as extras to handle the guns of course (the scene is some sort of warehouse with several henchmen guarding the action).

I know I am not telling any new secrets or sharing any life-changing info if I say it is better to watch a film in “company” than not.

Have a great week ahead. And if you have got someone, do all you possibly can to hold on to him/her – some missteps are not fixable no matter how hard you try!