Karma always wins. No exceptions.

These Karma “quotes” are from a story I wrote recently. The story may never see the light of day. But my sister (Yetty) who has read it put one of the quotes up on FB, so I decided I might as well put all the Karma quotes from the story up as a blog entry.
And no, the story isn’t titled “Karma” 🙂

  1. Karma always wins. No exceptions.
  2. Karma is an avalanche you didn’t see or feel coming until it hits you.
  3. The problem with Karma is that you can’t tell in what currency she wants repayment, or for how long, or when, or where.
  4. Karma, just like murder, has no statutes of limitation.
  5. Karma is like a spring loaded door you pushed open and forgot about. It’s going to hit you in the face on its return.
  6. Karma is like throwing sh*t at a typhoon fan and hoping someone else takes the hit. You can’t get out of the way fast enough even if you tried.
  7. Karma is in no hurry. It’s like a father watching a son misbehave in public and thinking of the rod waiting at home just inside the front door.

  8. Karma is the sadistic guard on the night shift. Coming round every once in a while to brain you with a truncheon just because of the way you look.
  9. Karma crosses a bridge, and burns it to the ground. There is no going back.
  10. Karma takes no prisoners.
  11. An eye for an eye makes Karma’s day.
  12. Karma can watch you struggle all the way to the top of Everest then trip you up on the very last step. That’s how she rolls, and it’s a long way down.
  13. Karma’s got a direct line to each person. We dial her number by our actions. It may take a while for her to show up, but you can bet your future on it, she will.

  14. Karma always wins. No exceptions. (rinse, repeat)