Honest Dave and the Princess

Honest Dave and the Princess

There was once a man. We shall call him honest Dave. He lived all alone on the top of a hill and he was very lonely.
One sunny day, honest Dave thought he should check if he had any new neighbors.
So he brought out his binoculars.
To his surprise, on the hill across the valley was a big red heart!
So honest Dave thought he had better go and check it out.

When he got near the top of the other hill, he found out that the heart belonged to a fierce but beautiful princess.
And round the heart was a fence that was about waist high.

Honest Dave thought for a moment and decided that such a beautiful heart must belong to a lovely person no matter how fierce they pretended to be. So he decided he must touch the heart.
But what was he going to do about the fence?

Well. Since he was there already, he thought he might as well try and see if there was any gate in it whereby he might go in.
But as he tried each link in the fence, he noticed the fence getting taller and taller. Soon it was as high as honest Dave’s chest.
Honest Dave knew that if he continued testing the fence, it would grow so high, the heart would no longer be visible from his hilltop house across the valley. And that would make honest Dave sad.

So honest Dave went back down the valley and up to his house on top of the hill. But every few days, he would go across the valley and standing just outside the fence, he would say a few kindly words to the heart.

To honest Dave’s pleasant surprise, the fence went back down to its original height. Which pleased honest Dave a lot.

Though what honest Dave wanted most in the world was for a gate to open in the fence so he could touch the heart, he was content for the moment to have such a wonderful neighbor.

And that is the end of our story.

27/05/2014. 2:28am

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PS: the story above is written in the style of “Tales by moonlight” always narrated by an Aunt or Uncle (or in some similar program, maybe a village grandma or grandpa). I didn’t quite start it the proper way e.g., “Children gather round. Would you like to hear a story …” But I think I ended it properly with “And that is the end of our story”

“There is nothing new under the sun.
The eyes it was meant for, saw it yesterday.
It is true, says this one, till eternity.”
(And that’s a code worthy of the Templars 🙂